Kitesurfing Noosa

Noosa Kite Surfing Lessons have never been better than with Mike Burrell from Noosa Kiteboarding School and Safaris. Mike offers one on one Lessons that cater for every level of experience. From first timers, through to Experts, Mike is able to offer something for everyone. Rather than Spreading himself out over a group. Kite Surfing lessons are kept to one on one, so that full attention can be given to his student, and thereby getting a better lesson across.

Mike has worked in the past for other Kitesurfing Schools, and knows the benefits of small classes, and the downfall of larger Lessons. With local knowledge of key Kiteboarding areas, Mike will be sure to give you an experience to remember. Once the basics of Kiting are learned, Noosa Kiteboarding School will have you on your feet, and sailing across the surface of the ocean in no time! Visit Noosa Kite Surfing for more information.