Sunshine Coast

If you are coming to Noosa, and looking for different ways to spend a day, Noosa’s Laguna Charters can come up with something for you! Whether you would like to spend a day Fighting big fish on an Offshore Fishing Day Trip, or a cruise up the Noosa river, slowly taking in the sites, while sipping wine. Noosa’s Laguna Charters can organise a day tour for you. Below are some day tour ideas that can be organised by Noosa’s Laguna Charters: Obviously if you have an idea of your own, we could tailor a tour for you.

  • 1/2, 3/4, or Full Day Offshore Noosa Fishing Tour
  • 1/2. 3/4, or Full Day Noosa River Fishing tour
  • Noosa River Scenic cruise
  • Noosa Headland Scenic Tour
  • Noosa River evening Scenic Tour

As Described in other parts of this website, we excel at Offshore Fishing, and Laguna Cat is a fantastic Offshore fishing boat. We can help you land the big one! You just need to decide how long you would like your tour to be. Our Fishing tours range from one on one exclusive tours, to groups of up to nine. Shorter and longer tours are available on application. The Noosa river is about as clean as a river system can be. Full of everything from Whiting, to the odd Cobia. A river Noosa River fishing Tour is a great way to relax, while catching dinner! Noosa river fishing tours run seven days a week, and can be arranged for any hour of the day. There is so much to see around Noosa, and one of the best ways to get a look is by boat. Noosa’s Laguna Cat is a stable, roomy boat, and is a very comfortable way to see the Noosa River. We can take you on a tour around the river at a comfortable, relaxing pace, and let you soak in what Noosa is about. A walk through Noosa National Park is a good way to see the Noosa Headland. A better way is from the comfort of Noosa’s Laguna Cat! On a Noosa Headland Scenic tour, we can take you over the Noosa Bar, past the Noosa points, and along the Noosa Headland. This is a great area to see Dolphins, Turtles, bait Schools, and over the whale season, there is every chance of spotting a few whales. A Noosa Headland Scenic Tour is a relaxing way to see Noosa from a different and uniquely special angle Sit back and relax with a glass of wine, and take in the sunset, and the scenery of Noosa. Evening tours can last as long or short as you would like. But our suggestion is that you take in at least the sunsetting over Mt. Cooroy. Dinner Platters can be organised with a little notice.