Noosa Fishing Report July 2008

July 2008 saw it all.
From the 1st July on, we knew it was winter again, but last July was so much better. BUT we still had our share of fish.
We got our first snapper of the month on the first trip of the month, as well as Parrot and Moses perch on a 3/4 day fishing trip to North Reef.
The second of July saw us head out to Sunshine Reef on a half day charter, where we were rewarded with Snapper, Sweetlip, banded sea perch, and Moses Perch. We also had the pleasure of recatching a red Emporer that had been tagged on a previous trip. (We have caught that same fish 5 times now).
The weather turned bad for a week after this trip, and we didn’t get back out untill the 10th, where we headed to Sunshine again, and came home with quality Maori Cod, Moses, Morwong and Ranbow. This time last year, we were catching hundreds of white trevally on Sunshine, this year, it should be noted that they are not here! We are finding the odd one or two around, but nothing like the last few years. The afternoon of the 10th July 2008 we headed out to North reef, where we got onto Pearlies, Moses perch, Snapper and Morwong.
Our next trip, on the 12th, we headed up to the Coffees, where we waited around for a while, getting the odd fish here and there, before moving into North. The Coffees had been performing well, but, it would seem that there was a lot of waiting between flurries. This day, we got our fish on North, and ended up with some nice Pearl Perch, Sweetlip, Trag, and a pretty large Occy.
We ventured out to Chardons on the 13th, and came home with a feed, but nothing noteworthy, it is however worth noting our Floater screaming off, and snapping! Once again, we had a bottle tied to the floater, so we were able to cast light makerel slugs at the bottle. Once we hooked it, it took close to an hour to bring in a 2 meter Tiger Shark. As the Shark surfaced next to the boat for dehooking, it did the Full Jaws pose, with its eyes rolling back, and jaw extending, quite a good site! We got a few pics of it, but it snapped off before we could get any Video.,
We went back up to the coffees for the next trip. It was a patience game again, but we were rewarded with Quality Snapper, Gold Spot Cod, and a great Coral Trout! Marcus, my Dad, learnt to kill Snapper before playing with them, after he was savagely attacked by one, tearing his thumb open nicely! It killed his golf game too!
The remainder of July was spent between the Coffees, North, and Sunshine reefs, where we had pretty good days, yeilding Snapper, Pearlies, Parrot, Moses, Sweetlip, and even a Flounder!