Noosa Fishing Report May 2008 part one

Sunshine Coast fishing May 2008
A Wow, May was Awesome! At times the reef fishing turned down a few notches, but the Tuna and Cobia stepped up to make for some great fishing. Even Spotted Mackerel close to the Ten Kg mark! (Yes Brett, you get your mention. See left)
The first of May saw us head to Sunshine reef on a half day fishing trip, and return with a catch, but that was about it….The clear highlight of the day was what we thought at the time to be a massive Shovel Nosed Shark. (I still don’t know exactly what it was, but it was enormous). We were fishing the top end of Sunshine when two customers, on opposite sides of the boat hooked on to the same thing, and luck they did…we would never have seen it without the two of them working together on it!

Blue Moari Cod
Blue Maori Cod, School Mackerel
9th May 2008
Sunshine Reef
Mix May
Mix From the 2nd May 2008
North Reef
The next day (the 2nd June) was another half day trip, where we headed out to North Reef. One of the better catches for some time, with some quality fish seen, and some very happy customers! (Which later seemed to sum up the month!)
We had on board local carpenter Brett Fewster (Mackerel Slayer), Noosa Coastguards Tony Greame, and a selection of other master fishermen. Brett hooked onto this monster Spotted Mackerel, and fought it to the boat like a true pro. It is the biggest Spotted Mackerel I have ever seen, and our DPI guy took photo’s of it’s skin (To prove it’s species), before taking the frame for studying.
The quiet achiever of the day was clearly Tony, and he fought his Yellow tail Kingfish to the
boat. Nobody even knew he had a fish until well into his fight! (Pic bottom mid)
After a great day out, we came home with a near 10kg Spotty, 10kg Yellow tail Kingfish, Gold spot Cod, Trevally, Sweetlip, Parrotfish, and a nice 4kg Coral Trout. (The trout was later cooked up by Chef Ryan at the Sheraton Noosa, and all reports were that he is the guy to cook your fish!!!! Great job mate)

The 3rd May 2008 was another worthwhile trip. We headed out to North Reef on a 3/4 day trip. The weather had started calm as can be, but it wasn’t long before the wind picked up to about 15 knotts, and about 20 by the time we headed home. The pics, are on part two of this report, but we managed to get a nice 6-7kg Trout, Spotted Mackerel, Parrot, Sweetlip, Snapper, Moses Perch, and a Pearl perch.
The next trip was out to Sunshine, where we did it tough, and came home with only a handful of fish (Moses Perch etc). Even the river was tough to fish that afternoon when we headed out for a river trip (yielding Bream and Catfish!)
The 5th of May was the last day in the run before a couple of days off. We headed to North Reef on a Full day trip, where the reef fish had shut down all together, and we were saved by Tuna and Mackerel!
The 9th of May was a half day trip where we fished Sunshine reef for Blue Maori Cod, School Mackerel, Pearl Perch, Moses perch, and Parrot. (Top right pic)
The final trip for part one of this report was the 10th May 2008.
This trip was a Christmas party for Local Noosaville company Protile. They had had about the worst luck in the world on previous attempts to get out. The weather stopped the trips every time! The 10th May was not the greatest weather in the world, but it was definitely fishable. We left Noosa heads at 630, and fished North reef. The reef fishing was once again about as difficult as it gets! We did still manage to come home with a nice quality Longtail Tuna, Mackerel Tuna, Small Snapper, Parrot fish, and Moses Perch. (They had definitely earnt a better day on the reef fishing though!)