Noosa Fishing report for January 2008

Noosa Fishing Charter

What a month!!!
With consistently strong winds pummeling Noosa, and Seas that have destroyed beaches, and reshaped the South East coast of Queensland, it it little wonder that there is not much to report on this month. When is wasn’t blowing 30 knotts, we had torrents of rain. It was the hardest month for fishing, with a total of 5 days out fishing for the whole month of January!
Although I didn’t have my camera with me for all 5 trips, we did get some good fish. (If anyone reading this was on any of the trips in Jan, please forward any Pictures to us at )
It would seem that after all the rain, traveling too far was a bit of a waste of time. Every trip out to Sunshine Reef provided us with quality Snapper, Sweetlip, and Parrot. We headed out to Chardons on one occasion, and were disappointed to return with just Moari Cod, and Moses Perch! Although we were catching undersized Squire and Pearl Perch all day, we could not land a keepable one! (Other reports from this day suggested that North Reef had hungry Snapper and Teraglin Jew.
Noosa fishing Charter Cod

Our best day fishing for January 2008 was definitely Australia day. We left Noosa Heads at 7am on the 26th January for a three quarter day offshore fishing charter. We headed straight out to North Reef, and started reeling in Sweetlip almost instantly. Ben from Barra Jacks Tackle World in Noosa was along for the ride, and caught a couple of beauties. (Pick top left). It was good to see Ben land some fish, after dropping some big Snapper last time he came with us……Ben, I won’t ever bring this up again. With that said, it was Ben’s day pulling in some quality Sweetlip throughout the day. We ended up coming home from our trip with 8 Sweetlip and a mixed bag of other fish including Snapper, Moari Cod, Trevally, Parrot, and Mack Tuna.
Although the rain and weather seemed to spark up the fishing, it would be nice to get out there a little more often than 5 times a month! With the Mackerel at Hervey Bay, they shouldn’t be far away.
Sunshine Coast Fishing charter Sweetlip