Noosa fishing report February 2008 part 2

Noosa Fishing Charters Part 2 Well, the weather is still not playing the game with us here in Noosa! Noosa is always pretty quiet around Feb and March, so, when Peter wanted to go fishing with his 8 year old son Alex on the 25th Feb, my decision was whether it would be worth while going with two passengers. (The should be no) I figured I might be able to stock the freezer though, so I got my Dad to come along too. We departed the Sheraton Jetty at 7am on the 25th Feb, for a Half day Fishing Charter. We quickly crossed the Noosa Bar, and headed out to Sunshine Reef. Soon after anchoring at the first spot, just off A bay, Alex pulled up the first keeper. A nice little banded sea perch. Marcus (My Dad) followed up with a nice Scopian Cod. Although they hurt when they spike you, Scorpian Cod are one of the nicest eating fish we can find….known as poor mans lobster. They went off the chew soon after Dad’s cod, and a few other small fish, so we moved out a little wider. We chased a few tuna schools around, but even though we could see them jumping, and some Mackerel in amongst them, they dived whenever we drew near. We anchored up again. Peter bought two Parrot Fish (Venus Tusk fish) aboard pretty quickly, then it was time to move again. The next fishing spot was on a part of Sunshine Reef that I had not been to for a while. Last time I was there I got a Coral trout, and the time before we got some nice Cobia. So, it was worth a punt. Noosa Fishing Parrot and Blubber lips Peter’s Two Parrot fish, and Alex holding up a painted sweetlip. Spanish Mackerel Peter’s 13kg Spanish Mackerel We Anchored right on top of a good show of fish, but they were very slow to start biting. Peter and Alex were under control, and had the hang of their gear, so it was time for me to drop a line. I lost a couple of pilchards quickly, then found a huge squid in the bait bucket. I slowly floated the Squid down, on a set of Gangs, hoping for a Cobia, or something big to show Alex. It got smashed shortly after hitting the bottom, and after a good fight, I landed the Coral Trout on the right. Meanwhile, Marcus was pulling up Sweetlip, and Moari Cod on the other side of the boat….very quietly. I put my rod away, most contented with my mornings fishing. I rigged up the baitrunner with a set of 3 ganged hooks, with a fourth on backwards. I hooked a Tuna on, (One of the many bonito that we had caught just before Christmas). And floated it down. The Tuna had been floating midway for quite a while before it absolutely screamed. Peter picked up the baitrunner, and the self proclaimed novice fought the fish like a pro. (While Alex Video recorded the whole thing). After the Spanish Mackerel took out two other lines, Peter brought his fish (The Spanish Mackerel to the left) to the side of the boat, where it was gaffed, and brought aboard. Peter continued fishing, pulling up a few more fish, like the painted sweetlip up and right. We stayed at that spot for about half an hour longer, before heading in for home, all of us with smiling faces. The Spanish Mackerel Peter caught tasted great, and he was kind enough to share most of it with us. So, we had a great day out, in a month where there have been very few fishing trips. The fish are out there to be caught, it is a case of when the weather will let us get them! Noosa Fishing Skipper Mark Mark’s Coral Trout Euan’s Coral Trout Our Final fishing trip out for the month of February was on the 28th. We left the Sheraton Jetty at about 530am, for a Half day fishing charter. We headed out to Sunshine Reef, and it wasn’t long before we were catching good quality fish! Euan Ritchie, of Noosa Heads landed this quality Coral Trout (Left). Rotem and Serina caught quality Pearl perch, Moari Cod, and Parrot fish. It has been a hard couple of months, and the hardest part (aside from not being able to work, is knowing that the fishing has been good, even though we can hardly get out to them! Hopefully the next few months will see the weather settle for us, so we can make the most of the quality fish that are around.