Noosa fishing report February 2008 Part 1

Sunshine Coast fishing charters Part One

Well February is already looking better than last month for offshore fishing from Noosa with one out of the first three days being fishable. So much for this being the Sunshine coast, there have not been too many sunny days over the last couple of months, but I guess it is good to get the rain, and flush the rivers out.
We headed out from Noosa Heads on the 3rd Feb for a Full day fishing charter.
We crossed the Noosa bar at about 6am, and made way to North Reef. About 20 min in to the journey, we changed course for Sunshine reef. Although the wind had stopped, there was residual easterly sea making traveling north east painfully slow.
We anchored at a well known spot of mine, and instantly pulled up a Sweetlip, and a nice Snapper. Throughout the rest of the day, we consistently pulled up nice fish, and there was very little time where there was not someone catching something.
We ended up with good quality Sweetlip, Snapper, pearl perch, Moses perch, Parrot, and Morwong.
It then looked like the next few days would be good for fishing. But it would seem that things can change very quickly at the moment, and the weather is being far from predictable.
At least the fish are getting a rest from us.
Sunshine Coast fishing charter Snapper
The Sunshine Coasts Josh and Peter
Sporting their Snapper, Sweetlip,Pearl Perch, and Morwong.

Sunshine Coast fishing charter Yellow Sweetlip
I spoke too soon about the weather being better already!
The 9th of Feb was the next time we were able to get out offshore fishing. We departed the Sheraton Jetty at 530am, and headed straight out to Chardons reef, for a full day fishing trip. Conditions were absolutely perfect, and we quickly got 2 small snapper. (Amongst plenty of under sized fish). After a few hours, we decided to head in to Sunshine Reef. The wind was picking up a bit, and we decided that it’d be a bit more pleasant in closer, as well as for the fishing.
We tried a few different spots, but it was the last spot, later in the day that produced. We had Makerel around us, and something huge took a floating pilchard, but then bit it off. We ended up with a feed for our passengers, and they had a good day out. (Ann holding her Yellow Sweetlip to the left was happy with her catch.)
Now the wait is on again for the next day that we’ll be able to get out on a fishing trip!
We did have a good day on the 25th Feb 2008