Noosa Fishing Report August 2008

With great weather around the Sunshine Coast, it was a good time to get out on the ocean and get into the fish
August has been a month of either full on, great fishing, or hard work….especially around the Full moon.
For the most part, the Snapper were on, with some quality fish taken from North reef, and also close in at Sunshine.
The highlight of a great month was definately an 8kg Red Emporer taken on the 6th August on a live Yakka.
In what was a near perfect month weather wise, August has had little to complain about.
The first trip we got out on was on the 3rd August, and we headed out to North Reef. a few moves, we decided enough was enough, and we made the move down to Massouds Reef. This proved to be a good move, with quality Snapper, Pearl Perch, taylor and Parrot taken.
The following day, we headed straight out to Massouds, where things had slowed down a little, but we still came home with a feed of Moses Perch and Pearl Perch. This was Val’s first trip out with us (Of many in one week.)
The 5th August was a day where I really din’t want to move around too much, and we were lucky enough to find hungry fish straight away. Although regular angler John Scolls asked specifically for a spot on North Reef (Where he had earlier caught a 6kg Morwong, amongst quality Cobia), I decided to head out to Sunshine. We Came home with a great catch of Snapper, Parrot, Trevally, and Banded sea perch. As Val was staying at the Sheraton and was with us again, the kitchen staff at the Sheraton Noosa, once again recieved more fish to prepare!
The following day (The 6th) was a long awaited charter for the guys at Marine Manufacturing Yandina. Dean Frith and his guys came out, and we searched around Sunshine Reef to find a few Snapper. It was nothing like the previous day had been, and eventually we made the move away from Sunshine. This turned out to be a good move, as we scored our 8kg Red Emporer here.
Over the next few days, we saw almost every species we get in the colder months. We saw Cobia, Trout, Snapper, Pearl Perch, Sweetlip, Moses Perch, Parrot etc. The only Species not caught was the Northern Bluefin Tuna…..and we couldn’t have searched for them any more!
Adrian and Shanni came out with us on the 11th August (they had also been out with us on the afternoon trip on the 10th) and we managed to find them a great school of Snapper. It was a great day out, and we went home with a nice trout, and enough Snapper to feed everyone on board, and their extended families! Toward the 16th, things slowed down a bit, with the approaching Full moon. Finally, we had our official hardest day for 2008, on the 16th. The guys from Master Blasters came out, and although we caught plenty of fish for the day, we could not buy a keepable fish! I was glad to see the end of that day, and it will be remembered for me, as the worste day ever.
Luckily, things picked back up as the moon emptied out again, with quality snapper, pearl perch, Morwong and Eastury cod being caught around North Reef, and Sunshine.