Noosa Fishing June 2007

Fishing Noosa Sunshine Coast June saw the water finally cool off, and the fishing fire up at last! It was all about Sweetlip, Pearl Perch, Parrot, and some great Moses Perch (As seen bottom right). The Snapper were shy at the start, but we finally started to see some around the middle of the month, however, other reports have said that they were fishing well at night. I had been waiting to see some decent Tuna since April, and the wait paid off finally with this beaut Northern Bluefin Tuna on the right, caught at Sunshine Reef. Noosa fishing Tuna Mix of fish from Noosa Sunshine Reef also fished well in the afternoons for Moari Cod, quality Sweetlip, Parrot and Moses Perch. It seemed like very time we headed to Chardons Reef for the month of June, we would get out there, Anchor up, and then the wind would pick up… often to the point of not being able to hold, Making it very hard to fish. And after our Marlin experience in May, I was keen to get back out there to fish (As well as expectations of getting Snapper, Pearlies and Traglin Jew. We didn’t get out much toward the end of June, Mostly due to the weather, but on the few occassions we did, we mostly saw Parrot and Sweetlip at Sunshine Reef.