March 2008 Noosa fishing Report

Sunshine Coast Fishing Charters Noosa fishing in March 2008

The Sunshine coast is still getting pummeled by strong winds, and large swells, offshore fishing charters out of Noosa have been pretty much non existent! There has been the odd break in the weather, well, one good day on the 7th of March, and a very very average day on the 8th of March. Giselle (Left) and her partner Chris came out with us on a half day fishing charter on the 7th of March, after waiting nearly a week to get out. We headed out to Sunshine reef, where the going was pretty tough. We didn’t get too many fish early on in the trip, but did end up coming home with some nice fish. Giselle and Chris caught this nice Morwong, a couple of Parrot, a banded sea perch, and some other good quality fish. Although the wind had backed a little, the sea was still pretty messy, and it was pretty good to get home. We went again on the 8th of March with Wade and Julie Butlers group. The conditions were even worse! We had intended on doing a Full day fishing charter, but I cut it short (three quarter day trip), after the sea continued to grow, and get messier. This is the part where I show Wade how honest I am in my reports: For the first three hours, we didn’t land anything other than one undersized Red Emperor! We did end up scraping a feed together though albeit barely! They went home with a few Parrot, a couple Morwong, and a Moses Perch. It was a bit disappointing after the previous few trips we had done (When the weather had let us out). The next time we were able to get out again was on the 21st March. We headed out to North Reef, and had another pretty hard day. We returned to the Sheraton Jetty after a three quater day fishing trip with not much more than a Parrot, Pearl Perch, and a Moses Perch! Finally on the 25th and 26th of March the fishing fired up a bit, and we were able to salvage our reputation! Both trips were half day tours, and we went to Sunshine reef on both days. We were rewarded with quality Parrot, and in good numbers. We also scored Pearl Perch, Moses Perch, Morwong, Banded Seaperch, Scorpian Cod, and big Whiptail (Fantastic eating, when you can get one big enough. Large Mouth Nanigai Brodie Bonito Tuna The next outing was one I had been worried about for a week, since getting a phone call that channel seven’s The Great Outdoors wanted to get some footage of fishing in Noosa. Aside from the risk of bad weather, after the months that we have had, I figured that if there was going to be a trip where we didn’t get fish, it would be the trip in front of cameras. To top that off, we had about an hour to get the footage! So, as I was introduced to the segment host, Brett, I started to relax, and figured I was screwed……not so! We left the Sheraton Jetty and headed out to Laguna Bay with “Noosa Rescue” (Coastguard Noosa) in close range. (Coastguard Noosa Kindly helped with the film crew). Within minutes of crossing the Bar, we found our first school of Bonito. It was on, and only got better as we headed out to Sunshine Reef where we started pulling in Snapper, Red Emperor, Parrot, and Sweetlip. I figured the filming would go one of two ways, and I was pleasantly surprised. Brett took his Sweetlip to Berados on the beach, where I believe they cooked it perfectly. The next morning we went again out to Sunshine reef, where, once again the Parrot were on the Chew. We headed out again that afternoon with Brett, and a mate of his, Dennis. This time without the cameras, and it was on!!! The final count was 18 Tuna, in under 2 hours. It was incredible the amount of fish we were catching. We couldn’t do a thing wrong. Eventually we had to call it a day and race some bad weather home. We made it home with about 10 min to spare before the clouds broke, and rain bucketed down. Brett Sweetlip and Bonito Morwong and Moses Perch The next day (the 29th March 2008) was a three quarter day fishing charter, and we headed out to Chardons reef for the first time in quite some time. We were fairly quickly rewarded with a Large mouth Nannygai (top right photo). Anthony fought it well, and I’m sure he enjoyed it that night. The day slowed down a bit, and we headed home with the Nannygai, Maori Cod, Moses Perch, and Banded sea perch. We were lucky enough to find another school of Bonito, just over the Noosa Bar, so we stopped and picked up a few before crossing the bar and heading home. Over all, the month of March saw some ridiculous weather continue, but the fishing was pretty good…probably because the fish were so well rested. The few times we could get out to the fish, were well worth the effort, especially for the light game fishing for Bonito etc. All anybody in Noosa is hoping for is the weather to break, and give us a run out there on the fish!