July 2007 Noosa Fishing Report

Sunshine Coast Fishing

Noosa fishing charter Snapper Except for the last week in July, We had a fantastic month! The weather was fantastic, with the sea more often than not glassed out. The water cooled right off, and the cold nights around the Sunshine Coast made for cold mornings. But it was worth getting up! What a time to go fishing on Queenslands Sunshine Coast! The 1st of July summed the month up, with a catch around 50kg. The snapper to the left was 5-6kg (The picture really doesn’t do it justice!) The rest of the catch was banded sea perch, Moari cod, Pearl perch, scorpian cod, Mowong, Parrot, and Trevally. All this was in close at Sunshine Reef. When the other reefs around Noosa were not producing, Sunshine reef could always be relied on to give us a feed. The start of the month saw a huge range of species caught, we saw Sweetlip, Pearl Perch, Snapper, Taylor, Parrot, Northern Bluefin Tuna, Cobia, Moari Cod, Eastury Cod (Like Marcus’ bottom left), banded sea perch, moses perch, scorpian cod, Yellow tail Kingfish, Spotted Makerel, Sampson Fish, and Honeycomb Cod. About the only species we didn’t see was Coral Trout, which is not surprising due o the drop in water temp. There were very few days in July that we came back without 20kg of fish! Sunshine coast fishing charter Yellow tail Kingfish Sunshine coast fishing charter Cobia The Snapper to the right was caught by Luke at Chardons reef on the 8/7/2007. We just got out and Anchored, Luke caught this beauty (8kg), then the wind picked up, and we had to head in to Sunshine where we managed to pick up some Parrot, Taylor, Trevally, banded sea perch, and some Moses Perch before heading in. The top right photograph is Fiona from Redcliffe, who came out with us on the 14th July. This was by for the hardest days fishing we had for the month! We headed to the southern end of Sunshine, and were smashed by Kingies for about half an hour. We had 5 snap off on the bottom before Fiona showed true skill in landing this 12kg specimen. Almost instantly after this, a huge southerly current picked up and made it almost impossible to anchor on fish, and also put us beam on to the sea. We persevered, and ended up getting parrot, snapper and trevally to got with it. It was a hard day at the office though. Still, we did get Fiona on the local news as part of Mark Plancks fishing report. Sunshine coast fishing charter Snapper Sunshine coast fishing charter Greasy Cod North Reef was quite hard to fish for the majority of July, we did have the odd ok day there, but found it much easier at Chardons, and of course Sunshine. Both the middle left picture and the bottom right picture were fish from North reef on one outing there. Marcus Landed this Monster Greasy Cod at sunshine, even though it was legal by about 5mm, we would have liked to release it, however, they are hard to return. It did taste good though! Over all, July was great! BUT, the snapper had still not hit us properly. There were some nice specimens landed, but not in the numbers I was expecting. We can only hope they come through late…..August/September! Sunshine coast fishing charter Pearl Perch Finally, being the busy people we are, we did do a few river trips through July. This Pike Eel (Right) was one of many we caught on our night outings up the Noosa river. We caught Bream, small moses perch too, but these scary looking creatures seemed to be everywhere! Click on the image to enlarge it.