Fishing Noosa, Sept 2007 Fishing Report part 2

The remainder of September 2007 saw some good catches, and a broken camera!
On the Left Bruce and Steve are holding some nice Estuary Cod, and Snapper Caught out at Chardons Reef on the 19 September 2007 on a 3/4 day fishing trip. This day was one of semi frustration, as we saw at least 4 Big knobhead snapper dropped half way up…..they let us know they were there at least. We ended up coming home with a nice catch of Snapper, Estuary cod, Pearl Perch, Scarlet Sea Perch, Teraglin Jew, and some nice Moses Perch.
The Picture to the right is of Brad Woodall and his good snapper, also caught out at Chardons Reef, on the 22nd September. We were out there for a Full day Fishing charter. It was quite a tough days fishing, but we managed to scrape together a feed of Snapper, Parrot, Teraglin Jew, and Banded Seaperch.
We also caught a few Bonito Tuna…..Always good for a fight! Brad made Channel 7’s local news with Mark Planck with his beauty.
Sunshine coast fishing charter Brads Snapper
Sunshine coast fishing charter Coral Trout
The Picture to the left was one of the highlights of September for me. Steve caught this fantastic Coral Trout while out on a half day fishing trip with us. Steve is a very regular customer of ours, and is slowly checking off every species of fish to catch. We had just kitted Steve out with a new TLD15 with 80 pound braid, and it was worth while immediately.
Aside from the nice photo for Channel 7, Steve also shared his Trout out around the boat. Thanks!
The photo on the right although not very Fishy, was quite a good one of a Storm heading our way, while we were out at Massouds Reef. Although scary to look at, and scary on the Radar, (I had a few people on land giving us the heads up on it) the storm was pretty much only rain.
Noosa fishing charter storm coming

This last pic is of one of the biggest Wobbygong I have seen. I do not like to kill any type of Shark, or Wobby, so it was released. (Also full of babies by the look of it’s stomach.)
Funnily enough, this was also one of Steve’s fish on his new TLD15. Money well spent.
As a whole, September 2007 was one of the best months fishing for a long time, with all the winter fish being caught in pretty decent numbers. Not to say we didn’t do it tough a couple of times though!