Fishing Noosa October 2007

October was a month of mixed fishing.
It seemed like we could go out one day and clean up, then spend the next day searching for fish, and scraping a feed together with the help of Scorpian cod, Taylor and the like!
Although I didn’t take too many photo’s for the month of October, we did still get a few fish. And the whale spotting was awesome, with whales spotted every day we fished.
We mostly fished Chardons Reef, Sunshine Reef, and North Reef, and managed to get Snapper on nearly every trip, but, as mentioned, sometimes only one or two at a time. We also caught Pearl perch, Parrot (Venus tuskfish), quality moses perch, Maori cod, and some days shark after shark.
The Picture to the left is of one decent day we had at Chardons Reef on a Full day fishing trip on the 14th October 2007. Phantom and Mark Powell, both regulars, decided the fish might look a bit better with outstretched arms….always a good trick. But in this case, the Snapper weren’t too bad anyway.
The Picture on the right is of Robert, on a three quarter day fishing charter out to Chardons reef. His trip was on the 2nd October 2007. This trip was one of the better ones of the month, yielding quality Snapper and Pearl perch.
sunshine coast fishine charter Roberts snapper
Sunshine coast fishing charter whales at Sunshine beach
As a whole, we did get some quality fish over October, but I was a little disappointed with the consistency of the fishing. I also got a bit lazy with my photography, and didn’t get as many pictures as I should have. The conditions were often glassy, helping for the whale spotting.
We also went up the river on the 18th October 2007, and caught some nice Bream, and a couple of flathead. (The better of the flathead did get away though).
At the end of October, we are hoping for the Makerel to come through soon. The water has warmed up, and some bait has already been seen around the place.