Fishing Noosa November 2007

Gary landed this fantastic specimen of a knobby snapper out at Chardons reef on the 1st of November.
We left Noosa at 430 am, and steamed out to Chardons reef as quickly as possible. After the last few weeks, it was pretty clear that we needed to be fishing as early as possible, and our passengers didn’t mind getting up early too much. I was fishing with our passengers, and had caught a Snapper, and Scorpion Cod already, so gave Gary (Our Deckhand) my rod. The next thing, he’s asking for the Gaff. I laughed, but then went inside and got it for him. He was only fishing for 30 seconds tops!
Now, I am usually very much against myself, or my deckhand catching fish, usually, we would hook up, then pass the rod over for a passenger to wind in! But, The 2nd of November was an exception to that rule. The picture on the right is a close up of the Snappers head. I took this, to show the size of the fish’ Knob. Great fish! Great start to November!
We got out on the Second of November and got a few Moses perch, Sweetlip, and Grey Reef Shark.
Then the wind kicked in.
We had the next 12 days off before the ocean settled, and we could fish again.
The next day out was the 14th November, which was a 3/4 day fishing charter. We fished Sunshine reef, and came back with some nice Parrot fish, Sweetlip, Scorpion Cod, Snapper, and a decent Spangled emperor. (Pic bottom left).
Noosa fishing knob head
Noosa fishing Steve’s Pearly
This was much the same story for the next day too, with Parrot fish (Venus Tuskfish) and Sweetlip, caught at Sunshine reef.
The following day started as an offshore trip, but changed very quickly to a trip up the Noosa river. The conditions once again turned against us, and the decision was made to head in.
We fished what was the old channel out, alongside where the Dog beach once was, and got a nice flathead, and a good Taylor. We then moved to the upper part Noosa’s frypan, and got some beam and another flathead.
The weather then didn’t let us get out until the 21st November, where, once again we headed out to Sunshine reef on a Three Quarter day fishing trip. In perfect conditions, we got on to some Sweetlip, Snapper, Parrot, and a Maori Cod.
The following day we headed to North reef on a half day charter, and did it pretty tough! We did scape together a feed, but the fish weren’t cooperating! We managed to get a few nice Pearl perch (As in the pic to the left), and also a few Teraglin Jew.
We managed one more trip on the 23rd before the wind came up yet again. We headed out to Chardons reef on a three quarter day trip. The conditions were fantastic, but the current was up, making it pretty hard to fish, but still managed a few Teraglin Jew before we headed in to Sunshine reef to get out of the current. Sunshine gave us a Sampson fish, Maori Cod, and Parrot. (one of the Teraglin Jew and a Maori cod are in the pic below.)
The last two days of November saw Snapper, Parrot, and Scorpion cod from Sunshine reef, and Parrot, Teraglin Jew, and Moses Perch from North Reef.
The Month of November started with a bang with Gary’s Snapper, but the weather plagued us, making it almost impossible to get out much of the time. When we could get out, we were rewarded with some pretty good fishing though.
Hopefully the Mackerel won’t be too far away!